Saturday, July 24, 2010



Today's goal: 9 miles.

Today's reality: 7.25 miles.

Endurance wise, no problem. It wasn't too hot, the distance wasn't too much.

My left foot, on the other hand (so to speak), stopped cooperating at around seven miles, and rather than risk shredding a blister, I called it quits early and went home.

It helped that I was very close to home anyway. And that there was cold chocolate milk waiting. And that I really had to pee...

I know...they're wrinkly...
I prepped my feet before leaving the house today. I covered the offending blister (top blister bandage) and slathered my feet with Glide, and it felt doable.

At 4 miles I stopped to stick another blister bandage on (lower one) because it felt like I might be getting one there. And my right big toe needed Moleskin. I hoped that foot had another 5 miles in it, and it probably did if I changed my gait a bit and walked more on the blade of my left foot, but being so close to home and knowing I could do the nine miles if I pushed it...I just went home.

I need to toughen my feet up. They're sensitive as hell--I literally have to get new socks every month or so because after they've been washed 4-5 times I can feel the fabric against my feet and it's irritating--and I always have shoes on to "protect" them (from a zombie attack, you know). I'm thinking a band sander and some medium grit paper should do the trick.

Tomorrow's a rest day, and in the interest of healing the blister, I think I'll just sit here all day and not do a damned thing. Kind of like every other day, eh?


Karen Nichols said...

Blisters are a bitch. I think 90% of the training is to get your feets toughened up. Have you tried the super-padded Thorlo socks? http://su.pr/18tFLh They're very very soft, and seem to help fend off blisters. Kinda 'spensive but worth it.

Chrissie said...

Thump, I'm sure proud of you! I'm awed and amazed by your fortitude and perseverance. You not only GO!, girl, you're just plumb GONE!

I'm grateful to be supporting such a determined woman who's walking for a tremendous cause. I only regret I don't have millions of green munnies to put behind you. May my wee bit do LOTS of good behind your courageous feet.

Journey to DALLAS! said...

What kind of socks are you wearing? I wear thorlos and really have not had a bad blister at all.
Did not walk today. We were invited to friends' house in the Hamptons ... Located between the bay and the beach. Didn't mind missing a walk one bit!