Thursday, July 29, 2010



No walk map today; I went over to the Factory Outlet Stores to walk around rather than around town, reasoning that there are a lot of benches there--just in case--and besides, I needed wanted another pair of shorts...

The good? The shoes feel comfortable.

The bad? I can feel that one spot on my left foot. It's not painful now, but I can still feel it there, like it's mocking me. So I only did about a mile, got my shorts, and went home. I'll probably do another mile or two later, on the treadmill, and see how that feels.

But, I have a bad feeling that I won't hit any really high mileage days this week. On the advice of a couple of runner friends, I'll probably try a shorter walk tomorrow--5 miles or so--and Saturday only go 8-9, and then another 8-9 on Sunday and see how the foot holds up. If it's not sore, I'll walk M-W, 6-7  miles each day, and the should be able to do a 15 mile day next Friday and hopefully a 10-11 on Saturday. Theoretically, anyway. That would keep me pretty much on track.

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