Sunday, July 4, 2010

And on the 7th day, she drooled all over herself...


It's the map from yesterday's walk; I just never got around to uploading it last night. For some reason I was a little bit tired and didn't do a lot of things I intended to.

I walked 6 miles yesterday, and I seriously felt the first three. The bottoms of my feet were sore from the previous day's 12 mile walk, and I was tired--almost tired enough to blow it off, but by the time I realized just how tired I was, I was out of bed and dressed, and if I'm out of bed I might as well torture myself.

I stopped at mile 3 for an early break (reasoning I was only going 6 miles, so why the hell not?) but went into Burger King for a diet coke instead of McDonald's.

I should have taken the extra 3 minutes to walk across the freaking street to McDonald's, where a dollar will get you a large soft drink, if you want a large.

At Burger King? This is what you get for a dollar:

Yeah...a drink meant for a three year old, I think. I sat there for half an hour--quite a bit longer than I normally would on a 6 mile walk--and refilled that sucker 4 or 5 times.

After that, I felt fine, and the next three miles weren't sheer hell. I perked up enough that I could have done 7-8, but a little voice in the back of my head whispered, "Don't overdo it...you don't get style points for walking yourself into exhaustion." So I headed for home and hit the door right at 6 miles.

Today I'm doing nothing. As much nothing as I can make myself do. I really should unload the dishwasher and clean a bathroom, and the rest of the house looks like it threw up on itself, but I'm sure as hell not jumping up to get any of it done. Maybe later.

Hell, it's a holiday. I'll celebrate the independence of the U.S.A. with a turkey hot dog and much Internet surfing. Besides, it's hot out. I should do nothing when it's hot out.

Shut up, I know I have working a/c...


Peace said...

Is it time to get new shoes? When I was a floor nurse I always had 2 pairs of shoes at different stages of wear and would alternate days with them. That allows them to dry out between wearing so they last longer. I never let them get older than 6 months either.
Do you have a shoe guy you can ask how many miles you can put on a pair of shoes before they are worn out. You are putting some serious time into this walking and fibro - feet need to be pampered a bit. What you are describing sounds to me like shoes that are wearing out.

Thumper said...

I have two good pair of walking shoes (I was fitted for them) that I alternate. They're high mileage shoes, good for about 500 miles and they each have less than 200 miles on them...I really should add up the miles and double check that. I planned on replacing them at 350-400 miles because I do have shoe issues and rarely can wear a normal show for more than 6 months.

I know I'll be replacing them before the walk, about a month before, and then replacing them after.

Roberta said...

It's time for me to replace the shoes I've been wearing ... I have a pair waiting to be broken in at home ... then I should order another pair to break in before October. Bring two pair to the walk and alternate. We'll get to "packing for the walk" later.