Monday, June 28, 2010

This town needs more shade...

Tell ya what, 88 degrees in the morning, with the sun blasting down on you, feels a hell of a lot hotter than 88 degrees in the evening, when the sun is going down.

I got started this morning at around 8:15; it was already in the high 70s and before I got half a mile down the street it was in the 80s and just kept climbing. I took a break at 3.5 miles, sweating like crazy and swearing under my breath about the lack of shady sidewalks around here, and it was up to 90, so I headed home and finished with 5.64 miles.

At 8:30 this evening we decided to walk for yogurt; it was 90 when we left and 88 by the time we were about a mile down the road, and it felt great. If not for the whole night blind thing and my trust factor plummeting after sundown, I might do a lot more walking around 9 pm. I'll walk with the Spouse Thingy then, but not alone...mostly because I can't freaking see where I'm going half the time.

All in all I did 8.45 miles today; not sure what I'll shoot for tomorrow, but I'm getting up early and trying to beat the heat again. I am not positive of my success, though, and suspect I'll be swearing a lot again...


Miss Em said...

Try going out just as the sun rises then by 8:30a you should be done.
I know that the McKeeDee's will be open by 6a for the morning crowd.
So decaf-coffee or diet soda will still be available.

Hope that helps.
Miss Em

Thumper said...

Sunrise? That's, like, the middle of the night!

Miss Em said...

Not quite BUT close.


Miss Em

Journey to DALLAS! said...

BTW ... on the 3day you will be out walking by 8:30! Just sayin. You should start training for the early wake-up!
And you won't be walking in the dark. Everyone has to be back in camp by sundown.