Friday, June 25, 2010

Squeaking over 11



I had it in my head that while this week on the training schedule the long day called for 10 miles, next week called for 13. So I wanted to push it a little; I did 10 last week so today I thought I'd go for 11-12.

Then I realized that no, next week is only 11 miles.

Still, my ego not so fully in check, I thought I'd go ahead and shoot for 12.

I took a break at 5.5, another at 9.5, and at 10.5 realized I was struggling. My legs hurt like hell, my back was screaming, and the ice in my Camelbak had melted...I was a tad over half a mile from home, so home I went.

11.2 miles...I can live with that, especially since I have to get 6 in tomorrow.

I may not be able to move from this spot until then, though...I kinda stink, so you might want avoid the vicinity.

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Journey to DALLAS! said...

I was pushin' it today. It wasn't that my feet were hurting ... or that my legs were aching. It was the HEAT!!!
I put the time I left and the time I returned for you because you wondered what time I leave in the morning.
A little too late this morning I think!