Saturday, June 19, 2010



Man, getting up this morning was hard. Thanks to yesterday's 10.25, I slept like a rock, but couldn't drag my sorry asterisk out of bed as early as I wanted to. I woke up in time, looked at the clock and thought about getting up, but the fatigue pulled me back in and I went back to sleep for another hour and a half.

This is the only thing that really worries me as the walks get longer. In the grand scheme of things, my FMS is relatively mild, but it does mean that I sometimes need more time to recover from major activity, and when these walks get into high mileage on back to back days, I envision some issues with fatigue.

When I finally did get up and out the door today I was fine; my legs hurt a little and I was tired, but I wasn't exhausted, and after I stopped partway to eat a little something, I perked up and the last couple of miles weren't bad at all.

I dangled in front of me, like the proverbial carrot on a stick, a 30-40 mile bike ride followed by chili at Denny's as a reward for walking today. By the time I was done walking and geared up to ride, the wind had picked up, which sucked a little of the fun out of that, and then when I got to Denny's they were out of chili.


Since I did my two long days already, tomorrow may be a short 5 mile walk, or even a 4 mile in the morning followed by a 2-3 in the evening. I'll play it by ear...but I will walk. And dangit, Denny's better have chili tomorrow.

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Peace said...

So Thump,
There are ways, albeit not the healthiest choices in life but you can get past the fatigue for a few days. You will need to crash majorly after the race but I have been getting to work on time and making it through meetings without faceplanting on the table. My health is awful right now so I do not recommend them for long term but...
Great job so far with the walking. If you keep it up you will be able to do this in October. Look at how far you have come so far. :)