Saturday, June 26, 2010

Morning...it sucks


Ok, I dragged my asterisk out of bed at around 7 this morning in order to walk before it got too hot. And it was not hot; it was 62 and quite nice out; by the time I was done it was only 80, still quite nice.

But that getting up for what to me is practically the freaking middle of the night...man, that sucked.

I got in 6.25 miles, right around what I wanted; my quads and knees were slightly unhappy with me around mile 3, and I took a break at 4.5...tomorrow is my rest day, which is a good thing considering how much my lower appendages are bitching at me.

One issue I'm going to start having as the miles increase is food along the way. I have to eat at some point, and I've come to realize that I do best when I have a combined protein and carb, but finding portable food I can actually tolerate isn't proving to be easy. All the protein bars I can find are loaded with soy protein, which I cannot have. The Spouse Thingy suggested a peanut butter sandwich, but that gives me wicked heartburn, not to mention it's calorie heavy. Cheese is not my friend since I'm lactose intolerant. Anything remotely heavy hates me and I can't walk a tenth of a mile without certain delicate issues.

So, any ideas you have, I welcome. On the really long days I've just stopped at McD's and had a small burger--250 calories and I can tolerate it--but that's not exactly the healthiest option.


Miss Em said...

Have you tried making your own trail mix or granola bars?

What about Jerky?
There are several types out there including Chicken/Turkey. If you don't like the store bought you could always make your own with the seasonings you like.

Don't forget you can always carry a burrito with hazelnut-butter or almond butter rolled up and ready to eat since peanut butter doesn't agree with you.

I sure that there are lots of other hints out there.

Miss Em

Mila said...

Some good granola recipes:




And if there is a link blocker or something, go to the food network site and go into Alton Brown's recipes and search granola. >.> And yes, I heart Alton Brown.

Roberta said...

Wait ... I just did the math ... and it doesn't look right. I'm going to drive the route. That pedometer is crap!