Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Not as hot today, so the 6.25 miles I got in this morning wasn't torture. It was--surprise--kind of nice. I took a break at 4 miles to get a drink and sit for about 10-15 minutes and then headed towards home, where the Spouse Thingy was mowing the yard and trimming trees and other guy stuff. Only issue this morning was hip pain and some discomfort from the Camelbak pressing into my lower spine, right where I have a couple of funky, arthritis-riddled vertebra. They protested, I told them to shut the phck up and kept walking, because I'm badass that way.

This evening we walked to the store...2.8-3 miles depending on which way we go. And just over a mile  realizes I'd turned off my Forerunner and missed well over half a mile. And then turned it off again. It showed 2.1 miles when we got home, but we actually did closer to three. Definitely got nine in for the day.

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Journey to DALLAS! said...

Hello from the Funshine State.
Started my walk at 6:30 because it gets so hot here. (Well ... it's more the humidity than the heat) Did the math and came up with 6.25 miles. I think the long training walks I do with my group are really helpful because I was ok ... hot and sweaty but ok.