Wednesday, June 30, 2010



I did walk today; a short one in a city park in Vacaville this morning, and a longer one this evening. But I managed to screw it up by turning my GPS off again...more than once. I have like 3 maps that show around 5.5 miles, and I missed getting about a mile of it recorded. But I did walk it! All in all it was around 6.5 miles today, but I have to allow for a quarter mile either way.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Not as hot today, so the 6.25 miles I got in this morning wasn't torture. It was--surprise--kind of nice. I took a break at 4 miles to get a drink and sit for about 10-15 minutes and then headed towards home, where the Spouse Thingy was mowing the yard and trimming trees and other guy stuff. Only issue this morning was hip pain and some discomfort from the Camelbak pressing into my lower spine, right where I have a couple of funky, arthritis-riddled vertebra. They protested, I told them to shut the phck up and kept walking, because I'm badass that way.

This evening we walked to the store...2.8-3 miles depending on which way we go. And just over a mile  realizes I'd turned off my Forerunner and missed well over half a mile. And then turned it off again. It showed 2.1 miles when we got home, but we actually did closer to three. Definitely got nine in for the day.

Monday, June 28, 2010

This town needs more shade...

Tell ya what, 88 degrees in the morning, with the sun blasting down on you, feels a hell of a lot hotter than 88 degrees in the evening, when the sun is going down.

I got started this morning at around 8:15; it was already in the high 70s and before I got half a mile down the street it was in the 80s and just kept climbing. I took a break at 3.5 miles, sweating like crazy and swearing under my breath about the lack of shady sidewalks around here, and it was up to 90, so I headed home and finished with 5.64 miles.

At 8:30 this evening we decided to walk for yogurt; it was 90 when we left and 88 by the time we were about a mile down the road, and it felt great. If not for the whole night blind thing and my trust factor plummeting after sundown, I might do a lot more walking around 9 pm. I'll walk with the Spouse Thingy then, but not alone...mostly because I can't freaking see where I'm going half the time.

All in all I did 8.45 miles today; not sure what I'll shoot for tomorrow, but I'm getting up early and trying to beat the heat again. I am not positive of my success, though, and suspect I'll be swearing a lot again...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Morning...it sucks


Ok, I dragged my asterisk out of bed at around 7 this morning in order to walk before it got too hot. And it was not hot; it was 62 and quite nice out; by the time I was done it was only 80, still quite nice.

But that getting up for what to me is practically the freaking middle of the night...man, that sucked.

I got in 6.25 miles, right around what I wanted; my quads and knees were slightly unhappy with me around mile 3, and I took a break at 4.5...tomorrow is my rest day, which is a good thing considering how much my lower appendages are bitching at me.

One issue I'm going to start having as the miles increase is food along the way. I have to eat at some point, and I've come to realize that I do best when I have a combined protein and carb, but finding portable food I can actually tolerate isn't proving to be easy. All the protein bars I can find are loaded with soy protein, which I cannot have. The Spouse Thingy suggested a peanut butter sandwich, but that gives me wicked heartburn, not to mention it's calorie heavy. Cheese is not my friend since I'm lactose intolerant. Anything remotely heavy hates me and I can't walk a tenth of a mile without certain delicate issues.

So, any ideas you have, I welcome. On the really long days I've just stopped at McD's and had a small burger--250 calories and I can tolerate it--but that's not exactly the healthiest option.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Squeaking over 11



I had it in my head that while this week on the training schedule the long day called for 10 miles, next week called for 13. So I wanted to push it a little; I did 10 last week so today I thought I'd go for 11-12.

Then I realized that no, next week is only 11 miles.

Still, my ego not so fully in check, I thought I'd go ahead and shoot for 12.

I took a break at 5.5, another at 9.5, and at 10.5 realized I was struggling. My legs hurt like hell, my back was screaming, and the ice in my Camelbak had melted...I was a tad over half a mile from home, so home I went.

11.2 miles...I can live with that, especially since I have to get 6 in tomorrow.

I may not be able to move from this spot until then, though...I kinda stink, so you might want avoid the vicinity.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who'da thunkit... ?


An easy 7 miles today...and trust me, I never thought I'd describe seven miles as "easy." More like "awful," "torturous" and "WTF would I walk seven miles??"

But, it's definitely getting easier.

My throat is on fire, something funky is going on in there, but I felt all right today so I dragged myself up and went.

Tomorrow is a minimum 10 mile day, so we'll see how "easy" I think it is. I might be crying by mile 9, who knows?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What? That's IT???

There are only 100 more days until the walk.
I need more time!
I need more endurance!
:::runs around flapping arms and wailing:::

No, I did not walk today; today was a lie-in-bed-and-read day, while I moaned intermittently about a sore throat. Barring feeling like total shit, I will walk tomorrow. I need the miles! EVERYBODY PANIC!

Oh, and send money.
That helps, too...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010



 Only 4.5 miles today.

It was hot.

I'm coming down with something.

But I did discover that when it's hot, standing in front of the cooler in Safeway helps...

We'll see about tomorrow...I may be sleeping all day.

Monday, June 21, 2010

%$^#@*&$%$ MOSQUITOS...


Double walking again today...I did 5 miles this morning (ok, into the afternoon...I left the house around 11 am...) and deliberately went when it was pushing 80 degrees to help facilitate getting used to the heat. By the time I finished it was 86 and I felt fine.

This evening I went back out (of course I was headed for the frozen yogurt place...where else?) and the Spouse Thingy headed off on his Trikke and we met up halfway through. I realized upon reaching the yogurt place that a second walk was probably not my brightest idea, given the fairly heavy dinner we'd had earlier. But, I survived. I did another 3 miles...I think. When I got the park close to home I was at 2.66 miles, and when I was around the park and the corner my GPS still read 2.66...I think I turned it off when I was getting the water bottle out of my back pocket. Turned it back on and it read 2.85 when I got home...so I'm assuming I actually did 3, giving me 8 for the day.

But damn....after 8 pm the mosquitoes are out in force, and they really like me... I'll be itching all freaking night long...

Remember...there be PRIZES, people!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lure of the Frogurt


All right, I added another 2.85 miles today.

Not because I'm an over achiever or anything.

I wanted frozen yogurt again.

So we walked to get some...I'm just under 9 miles for today/

Yay ;)



Man, getting up this morning was hard. Thanks to yesterday's 10.25, I slept like a rock, but couldn't drag my sorry asterisk out of bed as early as I wanted to. I woke up in time, looked at the clock and thought about getting up, but the fatigue pulled me back in and I went back to sleep for another hour and a half.

This is the only thing that really worries me as the walks get longer. In the grand scheme of things, my FMS is relatively mild, but it does mean that I sometimes need more time to recover from major activity, and when these walks get into high mileage on back to back days, I envision some issues with fatigue.

When I finally did get up and out the door today I was fine; my legs hurt a little and I was tired, but I wasn't exhausted, and after I stopped partway to eat a little something, I perked up and the last couple of miles weren't bad at all.

I dangled in front of me, like the proverbial carrot on a stick, a 30-40 mile bike ride followed by chili at Denny's as a reward for walking today. By the time I was done walking and geared up to ride, the wind had picked up, which sucked a little of the fun out of that, and then when I got to Denny's they were out of chili.


Since I did my two long days already, tomorrow may be a short 5 mile walk, or even a 4 mile in the morning followed by a 2-3 in the evening. I'll play it by ear...but I will walk. And dangit, Denny's better have chili tomorrow.

Friday, June 18, 2010

More Prizes! More Spiffy!


Oh yeah...more prizes that you spiffilicious donors have a chance at winning.
A Stuhrling watch, and an Amazon Kindle.

Every $5 gets you a shot at winning these!

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The one thing I've been dreading more than anything was the first ten mile day. In my head, that seemed damn near impossible...think about it, peoples; it wasn't that many years ago I spent the wonderful summer and fall in the wheelchair because my legs hurt too much to walk ten steps much less ten miles.

Yesterday evening, even though I was taking that day as a rest day, I really wanted some frozen yogurt, so I walked there and back. It was just under 3 miles, enough to burn off the calories and where that 3 miles seemed like a freaking huge distance when I first started this, it was more like  a warmup last night.

On the advice from a friend, I carb loaded a little last night (read: it was an excuse to have spaghetti for dinner) and headed out this morning with the goal of 8 miles (since that's what the training schedule called for.)

I stopped for a break at 5 miles, ate a little and sucked down about 30 ounces, then headed out again. At 6.5 I was still feeling pretty good; at 7.5 I was still 1.5 miles from home and not worried about it, and figured if I was going to hit 9, I might as well shoot for 10.

I got through the door with 10.25 miles on the GPS. Total elapsed time with breaks was 4:25, but moving time was 3:16...average moving pace 19:07/mile. That's 3.1 mph, as good as I've ever gotten when going more than 3 miles at a time.

So hell, yeah, it's Snoopy Dance time.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Short walk, long day...


Yesterday, instead of walking, we went to Six Flags; I figured, hey, there's a lot of ground to cover, I'll get a whole buncha miles in.

Um, no.

There's a lot of ground to cover, but it's punctuated with a whole buncha stops. Stop to see the Tiger Show, stop to see the Killer Whale Show, stop to look at giraffes and cheetas, stop to get on a ride...

In five hours, I only walked about four and a half miles.

Still...I was on my feet almost the whole time, so that counts, right?

I took a rest day today (there was a motorcycle to be ridden, after all) and tomorrow I'll try to hit it with 7-8 miles. Presuming I get out of bed early enough, that is. Morning kind of sucks...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4.19 + 4.00 = 876

Fine, math is not my strong suit. But 4.19 miles in the morning plus 4 miles in the afternoon doesn't just equal 8.19 miles, it equals 876 calories burned.

I headed out this morning intending to go for speed, but I wasn't moving as fast as I thought I would, and then the 3 intended miles turned into 4, so it was no big deal. The Spouse Thingy walked part of it with me; I left the house first and he caught up with me on his bike, we dropped it off to have the chain looked at and new brakes put on, and then headed home the long way.

This afternoon I had a craving for frozen yogurt, one that I was going to cave into no matter what, so we walked to go pick his bike up, and I headed the almost long way to the bank and then the yogurt place while he tolled around on his bike. We met there, reasoned we'd burned enough calories to justify it, and he rode around a little more while I took the 1.5 mile way home.

Doing 8 miles in one day split up like that was a lot easier on my hip than doing it all at once, that's for sure.

Tomorrow I'm not walking, exactly; we're going to Six Flags, and I'll walk there, but I have no idea how far or hard. If I remember, I'll wear the GPS for the fun of it, and see just how fast the roller coaster is.

Monday, June 14, 2010

6.8 +...so I count 7, dammit!


My GPS shows 6.81 miles for this morning, but somewhere around the park I bumped it and turned the timer off, so it missed about .25 miles...so dammit, I did over 7 this morning.

To try to beat the heat I dragged my sorry night-person-self out of bed at 7:30, but it still took me an hour to get out the door... it was 66 degrees out then, very nice, but it quickly climbed to aw-dammit and was 84 by the time I got home.

Doable, but I'm still whining about it.

I'm still moving slower than I'd lie; I think my average pace is about 2.8 mph; I know I can go a lot fast than that, but I don't think I can sustain it over 6-7 miles yet, so I'll take what I can get. Tomorrow morning I'll probably do a shorter walk and shoot for pace, trying to squeeze 3 miles in under one hour.

You know the real problem with getting out earlier?

The frozen yogurt place doesn't open until 11.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

No walk today, just donation bait... ;)

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Speedy Gonzalez ;)

6-7-10 & 6-9-10

Not sure what happened that I didn't post my walk on Monday; the Spouse Thingy and I walked for frozen yogurt, and because I knew it was going to be a short walk, I went for speed, trying to up my pathetic 2.8 mph typical pace.

And woohoo, I hit a 3.2 mph average pace. This is what happens when you dangle a treat in front of me.

Kind of like a certain feline...

Tonight I did basically the same thing, going for speed, and did 3.65 miles at a 3.1 mph pace. Since this is a light week according to the training schedule, increasing my pace is what I'll mainly be working on. Yesterday we walked around a museum (and had to park half a mile from it, so that totally counts) and tomorrow I'll probably shoot for 4 miles and a better than 3 mph pace.

Not sure what I'll do about my long days this week; I'm booked on Saturday so I may try to squeeze in 6 on Friday...but we'll see. I have to admit I've been sleeping like crap lately and it's starting to wear on me. Cramps from hell aren't helping either.

I think someone will have to dangle chocolate in front of me tomorrow...that's work. Chocolate. And maybe pizza.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My asterisk...it has been kicked...


I thought about getting up early to beat the heat, but then I looked at weather.com, decided that high 70s-low 80s would be a good start on getting myself used to the summer heat, so I didn't get out the door until after 10:30. It was 77 and supposed to be around 83 by the time I was done, so I figured that was a perfect start.

Except...I started out without my spiffy white ball cap, and at .8 miles realized I needed it, so I headed home to get it.

Around 2 miles, I realized I was seriously uncomfortable, but I didn't feel sick, so I pressed on...though closer to home than I originally intended, just in case. I'm pretty sure that for the next 1.8 miles 90% of what went through my head was "It's hot. It's hot. Phck, it's hot..."

I stopped at McD's for a drink* at around 3.5 miles, sat down to enjoy the a/c, and then realized the mid-walk snack I'd brought with me was loaded with soy protein.

Guess who can't eat soy?

I strayed there for about 20 minutes, slapped some Moleskin on the balls of my feet, and then took off again, feeling much, much better, and not dreading the next 2.5 miles.

At 4.5 miles I was muttering "It's hot. It's hot. Phck, it's hot..." again.

At 5.5 miles I realized I was very close to the frozen yogurt place, and since my stupidity stuffed soy death into my Camelback and I was both hot and hungry, I stopped there for another break.

Surely frozen yogurt has some protein. And the sugar for carbs was appreciated.

I felt refreshed again, headed for home, and at 6.5 miles... "It's hot. It's hot. Phck, it's hot..."

All I wanted at that point was to get home. For .7 miles I cursed my wimpy self, being that whipped by 83 degrees.

When I got home i was greeted by a burst of cold air, a cat who was annoyed at having his nap disturbed, and a thermomter.

88 degrees.

I feel less wimpy now.

*I do carry something to drink with me, but the bladder of the Camelback waist pack only holds 1.5 liters, and I've learned that's not enough...so I'm making use of McD's $1 drinks...

Friday, June 4, 2010



8 miles today.

Go ahead, pat me on the back. Or just make the motions because I's still really sweaty and actually patting my back would feel all gross.

I stopped for a break at 4.8 miles to use the facilities at McDonalds to to eat something....they don't seem to care if you bring your own food if you buy a drink there and they're not crowded...then put some Moleskin on the balls of both feet because they were getting kind of raw and sore, and took off again.

The Moleskin, BTW, it's awesome.

My goal today was 7 miles, but I hit that and was still a mile from home, and sitting on the ground to wait for someone to come get me didn't seem like a viable option, so I kept going. And it wasn't killing me, so that's a good sign.

If I had known today was National Donut day, though, I would have stopped at the donut shop instead of McD's...you know, to honor the day...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It was worth the calories....


There's a frozen yogurt place just a little over a mile from here. If you stay on the opposite side of the street, walk around the court next to Denny's, and then cross the street, it's 1.6 miles.

Well...if you're going to walk for the hell of it, why not stop halfway for yogurt?

The Spouse Thingy rode his Trikke (he took another route) and we met up at Big Spoon and rewarded ourselves for sweating with some frozen goodness, then I walked home while he took off in another direction on the Trikke.

Hey, the way I see it, we burned the yogurt calories off. Right?


I'm hoping to get up early enough tomorrow to get a walk in before the heat hits...

,,,and before Big Spoon opens.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010



Short walk today, just a tad over 3 miles.

New lesson learned: if you're going to walk during the hottest part of the day, don't wear all black, and take more than 24 ounces of Gatorade with you.

I would have walked earlier, but we had things to do and people to see...we'll have things to do tomorrow, too, but I'll try to get a walk in at some point.

Maybe on the treadmill, but I'll walk...