Thursday, May 20, 2010

Split Mileage


In the interest of science, or really just my feet, I drove over to the park to walk this morning. I took two pairs of shoes: the cross trainers I usually walk in, and the running shoes the guy from Fleet Feet fit me for.

I was mostly curious to see if I felt any difference. I started the first lap in my regular shoes, and at a little over a half mile I began to feel the familiar deep hip pain that usually bothers me when I go any distance.

At .88 miles (the full distance around the park) I swapped shoes. Less than half a mile and I realized the deep hip pain had abated. My shins ached a little, but the hip pain, no.

So I have a good answer right there...though now I don't know if it's the shoes, or the orthotic inserts. I'm going to guess it's the orthotics, doing what they're designed to do.

At three miles I had to pee, but there was this creepy guy hanging around the restrooms, so I paused my GPS and drove home, took care of da bizness, and headed back out to walk near the neighborhood. All in all I did 5.27 miles, and the not-deep hip pain didn't settle in until I was almost at 5 miles, so that's progress right there.

Bonus: I upped my pace just a little bit and stayed very close to a 20 minute mile throughout.

Bummer: at some point I lost my ring. I took it off before I started (because my hands swell) and I must have pulled it out and dropped it one of the times I took my iPhone out of my pocket to change the music. It's not wholly terrible because it's a place-holder ring and not my actual wedding ring (that's now too big and I don't want to re-size it until I've lost all the weight I'm gonna lose) but still. Bummer.

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Journey to DALLAS! said...

As I was saying before I deleted my comment ...
There's something about you getting in your car and driving home to pee that makes me laugh!
You're doing great!