Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Round and round...


Lesson learned.

The park seemed to be an ideal place to walk, but the reality is that going around the same track for a couple of miles is kind of boring.

The Spouse Thingy joined me today, and we drove over to the park; my thought was that since the park was so big and lapping it was not quite a mile, doing 4 miles would be a breeze. But we got to almost 2 and I was wanting to branch out a little bit, so we headed towards Burger King. Yep, the mecca of good health. But they have orange juice there, and that's all I wanted. We did detour through Safeway thinking I could get it cheaper there, but unless I wanted a multi-pack or something that was too big, it wasn't happening.

So we got the OJ at BK, and headed the longer way back to the park, went around partway again, and ended up doing not quite 4.5 miles.

My shins were a little sore, and I had some achiness in my hips, but it wasn't too bad. It makes the idea of doing 4-5 again on Thursday and 6 on Saturday bearable.

This afternoon we went back to Fleet Feet and got him some better shoes, so that he can join me on a few of my walks. It was definitely nicer, having someone to talk to instead of just listening to the voices in my head.

We also did about 4 miles on the Trikkes (ok, I did 4, he did more...) Supposedly that chewed through over 1000 calories for both the walking and the Trikking, but I don't quite believe it.

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Journey to DALLAS! said...

It's definitely better to walk with someone. The miles go faster and easier!
You're doing great!