Tuesday, May 11, 2010

OK, my feet hurt...


...a little anyway.

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I started out at a little after 9 this morning, spiffy new shoes on my feet, and did three miles in an hour. Not the best pace in the world, but I'll take it considering it's my first real walk in who knows how long.

the expected hip pain didn't surface until mile 2, but it was different than usual; typically I get about a mile into walking and it feels like my hip joints are grinding together, but this time the pain was more to the surface and probably in the bursa. It wasn't intolerable, in any case.

Lincoln StThe nice thing about living in a small town is that even the major streets are walkable. This street has a regular flow of traffic, but it's got a sidewalk the entire way...I even Trikke down it quite a bit.

And from there I can get to this:

Entry to the bike pathA fairly decent bike path. Trikke worthy, too. After I finished the 3 miles in foot I went home for the Trikke and did 5.5 on it...and I'm feeling it tonight.

I'm not sure what's on tap for tomorrow; I don't think I'll walk but if I get a chance I'll Trikke. That's better for cardio-conditioning, and spares my hips a bit.

But Thursday...another 3 miles. And with luck, 6 on Saturday and Sunday. Let's hope I can manage that.


caircair said...

Y'know, it's too bad you can't Trikke for the Susan G Koman 3 Day Walk.

las794 said...

I am awash in admiration for you, Thump!

Journey to DALLAS! said...

I sent you a training schedule. Did you get it? We're on week 21.
Don't overdo it my friend!

Blond Girl said...

So proud of you! And impressed by your cute new shoes.

Undr said...

I'm going to echo Don't overdo it. You, especially, need to be liberal with rest days. It would be really farked up to jump into this so hard you wind up back in a wheelchair.

Got to say, though, I am impressed. This wouldn't have happened a couple of years ago.

Thumper said...

I have not gotten a training schedule...I will re-check my email, maybe it went into my spam folder.

And Murf, when did you become my mommy? Tsk.