Monday, May 31, 2010



I got my asterisk out of bed at a more human-type hour this morning, with the idea that I'd beat the heat. Everything felt good, legs not sore, energy abounding...

When I headed out, I was on pace; by 2 miles in I realized I was slowing down, and by 3 my shins were aching again. By mile 4, my left foot had some weird little pains poking at the arch.

I was still over a mile from home, though. I pointed myself in that direction and kept going, saying a few choice words when my Camelback was suddenly empty and when I started to limp a bit.

Yes, I stretch.

In the end, it took me two hours to go 5.68 miles. Not terrific by any stretch of the imagination, but at least I didn't freeze up right there in the middle of Lincoln Street.

Lots of traffic today.

That would have been inconvenient.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ow Ow


Only six miles today, but since I did seven yesterday I don't feel too bad about that. I left the house thinking I'd go for seven again today, but I didn't account for the fact that I put on the shoes that have the orthotics in them.

That was intentional, btw. I have 2 pairs of the same shoes; yesterday I walked sans-orthotics, and developed the hot spot (which was fine by this morning...cured by my whining, I think.)  Today I decided to use the orthotics again, as well as some Glide on my feet...surely that would fix it and I could go longer, right?

The Glide worked on the hot spots (I think it was the Glide) but about a mile in my shins started to hurt horribly. And then I remembered that hey, I had shin pain before I bought the 2nd pair of shoes and walked without the orthotics. Still, I soldiered on, took a break at 4 miles, then got back to it, and at 5.5 realized I better head home if I wanted to be able to move at all the rest of the day.

I also walked sans compression shorts today, and noticed a difference there, too. I usually wear jean shorts over the compression shorts, but today tried just the jeans shorts. Those didn't bother me, but damn my underwear pinched me a lot. Lesson learned there, the compression shorts keep wayward undies in check.

Tomorrow I'll try walking without the orthotics, but with the compressions shorts and Glide, and see how it feels. I stuck some Moleskin strips in my Camelback just in case it's the orthtotic inserts easing those hot spots and not the Glide, but whichever it is, I'm not real keen on the shin pain.

Friday, May 28, 2010



Yesterday was a wash; every time I thought about heading out it was raining. Yes, I do have a treadmill, but there was dim hope I'd be able to get out to walk...right up until we had enchiladas for lunch, and then I knew I wasn't going to.

I did get on the treadmill for a little while last night, but it was really just to test out the foot pod I got to work with my Garmin...something that will track my distance if I'm on the treadmill and not walking outside.

I headed out this morning thinking I'd do at least six, and was hoping for seven. I headed towards downtown, figuring I would go all the way around town, because surely that was seven miles...but not quite. It looks like a long way on paper and even feels long when you drive it, but in reality it's only about 5 miles. So I cut across on the bike path and added some distance to it.

I felt pretty good, too, and if not for the hot spot on the bottom of my foot that felt like it was too close to becoming a blister for comfort, I'm 90% sure I had 9-10 in me. I stopped at seven, and an hour later my feet are still burning. Hopefully they'll be all right by tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Short Walk


I never thought I'd say this, but today was a short walk...just 4 miles.

It felt like a short walk; I had another 2 in me easily, but rain was threatening, the Spouse Thingy had today off, and we had things to do.

But, he did walk with me; that might account for part of why it felt like a short walk.

Today's biggest thing, though, isn't how far I walked or the rain I managed to avoid. It's the awesomeness of my friends...one of whom made an incredible material donation that will kick off my fundraising efforts.

Starting tomorrow, Rockin' The Pink will showcase some pretty nifty donation bait, from the homemade-with-a-ton-of-love to the Oooh-hey-I-want-that!

The rules will be simple: for every $5 you donate, you get a shot at winning a prize. And to make it sweeter, if you donate now, you'll still be eligible for prizes on down the line. Heck, if you've already donated, you're eligible for every single prize.

And when I say there's going to be some awesome stuff, I'm not exaggerating...

So peek in tomorrow, the first prizes up are hand made, spiffy, and done with 100% awesome generosity and love.

Rockin' The Pink...Raisin' the Dough

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lesson learned...


A couple of lessons learned today:
  • Don't forget to take water. You will regret that.
  • If you forget the water, you'll wind up stopping to get something to drink, and in the interest of portability will grab something not as ideal as you should.
  • If you grab a diet soft drink in a bottle that looks an awful lot like a beer bottle, people will give you odd looks.
  • Especially if it's noon.
  • If you walk five miles in the early afternoon, you might not have the oomph to Trikke in the later afternoon.
  • But other than forgetting the water, it's all good...


Hmmm..not sure why the little comment bubble is missing from yesterday's post...

Saturday, May 22, 2010


When you live in a small town, it doesn't take long to get to the less desirable neighborhoods. But at least here, less desirable really just means that they're old, not that you have to worry about getting jumped in broad daylight.

I walked though what's probably the center of the oldest neighborhoods in Dixon today; there's an odd mix of old houses in need of repair and old houses that have been kept so well they could be showcased in magazines, often right next to each other. When we were looking to buy we bypassed this area, mostly because we didn't want the work involved in all the repairs the foreclosures we saw around there would require, but still...some of those houses are awesome, and some are total crap.

I took the very long way to the park, and during my second lap of it I realized that there's a white car that's nearly always parked there every time I walk there. And there's almost always someone sitting in it. Drug dealer? Hooker? Who knows... but I find it really odd that it's always there, never in the same parking slot, and sometimes leaves and comes back in a half hour time span.

I did 6.5 miles today; I was tempted to go for 7 and would have, but at mile 6.3 I realized it was seriously clouding over, rain was falling over the west end of town, and appeared to be headed my way. With only about 3.5 square miles of town, I figured I'd save myself the soaking and go home since it was just around the corner.

Of course, it never did rain here, so I probably could have stayed out for the extra 10 minutes I needed, but the wind whipped up and I'm delicate, so I'm not totally bummed that I didn't.

Friday, May 21, 2010



Appropos to nothing, this is what I use for water when I'm walking. I didn't want to carry bottles, because I hate holding things when I walk, and I didn't want a backpack with assorted crap in it nor did I want a typical Camelback.

So I'm a little picky...

This suits me just fine. It's a Camelback waist pack and it holds 1.5 liters of water. I throw a bunch of ice in it, then fill with water, and I'm set. The drinking tube wraps around my waist and there's a clip to hold it, and it's long enough that I can just grab it while I walk and drink without stopping.

Even though today was technically a cross training day (I wanted to Trikke but it was wicked windy and I didn't want to have to muscle the Trikke) I decided to walk. For fun. Who'd have ever thought I'd do that? I got in the car and headed for the air force base to walk the duck pond.

The sign at the start of the path that winds through the park and around the pond says it's 1.3 miles. And I believed it.

I headed out thinking, "Sweet...a nice long track!"

I turned on my Garmin and headed out...and after I'd lapped the entire park and pond, I stopped to double check.

1.27 miles. It probably would have been 1.3 if I'd walked on the very outside of the path the entire way, but there were other people, and there were lots of little poop monsters leaving little landmines that had to be navigated around.

(Ignore the time...I wasn't walking for speed, I was stopping here and there to take pictures, which got me some strange looks... )

Poop monsters.

Poop monsters completely unafraid of people...they will walk right up to you and honk as loud as they can. Their little duck friends are no better...I walked for about 3 minutes with a duck right beside me, quaking its little head off.

I refuse to admit to talking back to it.

I went around 3 times...I intended to get a really good read on how far I'd gone, but I sat down on a bench at one point to get something out of my shoe, paused the Garmin, and forgot to restart if for about half a mile. So I can only guess at my actual distance and time. This was just for fun, though, so it really doesn't matter.

I also skewed the stats by stopping to take pictures. The view from the top of the first hill was kind of nice.

If I'd turned around, I would have had a spectacular view of the fence and security gate just beyond it. Luckily, no one with a gun seemed suspicious about me taking pictures there.

And the view around the pond (as long as I didn't look at all the poop on the paths) was decent, too.

All in all I think I did just shy of 4 miles, a nice warm up for tomorrow's 5-6.

I may actually be liking this.

I think I'm sick...

I was not sick enough for this:

They want people to jump over the danged bar! That was an OH HELL NO moment.

Not gonna happen.


(pictures of today's duck pond walk can also be seen on my Flickr page...)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Split Mileage


In the interest of science, or really just my feet, I drove over to the park to walk this morning. I took two pairs of shoes: the cross trainers I usually walk in, and the running shoes the guy from Fleet Feet fit me for.

I was mostly curious to see if I felt any difference. I started the first lap in my regular shoes, and at a little over a half mile I began to feel the familiar deep hip pain that usually bothers me when I go any distance.

At .88 miles (the full distance around the park) I swapped shoes. Less than half a mile and I realized the deep hip pain had abated. My shins ached a little, but the hip pain, no.

So I have a good answer right there...though now I don't know if it's the shoes, or the orthotic inserts. I'm going to guess it's the orthotics, doing what they're designed to do.

At three miles I had to pee, but there was this creepy guy hanging around the restrooms, so I paused my GPS and drove home, took care of da bizness, and headed back out to walk near the neighborhood. All in all I did 5.27 miles, and the not-deep hip pain didn't settle in until I was almost at 5 miles, so that's progress right there.

Bonus: I upped my pace just a little bit and stayed very close to a 20 minute mile throughout.

Bummer: at some point I lost my ring. I took it off before I started (because my hands swell) and I must have pulled it out and dropped it one of the times I took my iPhone out of my pocket to change the music. It's not wholly terrible because it's a place-holder ring and not my actual wedding ring (that's now too big and I don't want to re-size it until I've lost all the weight I'm gonna lose) but still. Bummer.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Round and round...


Lesson learned.

The park seemed to be an ideal place to walk, but the reality is that going around the same track for a couple of miles is kind of boring.

The Spouse Thingy joined me today, and we drove over to the park; my thought was that since the park was so big and lapping it was not quite a mile, doing 4 miles would be a breeze. But we got to almost 2 and I was wanting to branch out a little bit, so we headed towards Burger King. Yep, the mecca of good health. But they have orange juice there, and that's all I wanted. We did detour through Safeway thinking I could get it cheaper there, but unless I wanted a multi-pack or something that was too big, it wasn't happening.

So we got the OJ at BK, and headed the longer way back to the park, went around partway again, and ended up doing not quite 4.5 miles.

My shins were a little sore, and I had some achiness in my hips, but it wasn't too bad. It makes the idea of doing 4-5 again on Thursday and 6 on Saturday bearable.

This afternoon we went back to Fleet Feet and got him some better shoes, so that he can join me on a few of my walks. It was definitely nicer, having someone to talk to instead of just listening to the voices in my head.

We also did about 4 miles on the Trikkes (ok, I did 4, he did more...) Supposedly that chewed through over 1000 calories for both the walking and the Trikking, but I don't quite believe it.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm only frigid for 1.5 miles


It was 56F when I left the house; it was about the same temperature yesterday so I dressed the same. Shorts, tank top, lots of exposed skin. Yesterday I was comfortable, so it made sense that I would be today.

Except today there was a little bit of wind, and I realized less than half a mile out that I was freaking cold.

Did I turn around and go back? No, that would have been the sensible thing to do. Instead, I kept walking, and when I turned the corner from Regency onto First Street, ahead loomed Walmart, and I told myself that if I was still cold when I was close to it, I'd run in and get a sweatshirt. I hoped I would be warmed up by then,  but if not, I had options.

You know, options that make less sense than turning around and going home for a sweatshirt.

By a mile and a half, though, I was warmed up and decided to head towards Burger King; there I could use the restroom if needed, and get an orange juice to fuel up.

I had a discussion with (mostly, a few others chimed in) Murf on Facebook yesterday; sometimes after working out I smell ammonia, and it's annoying. He's a but of a workout fiend and knows a few things, and had an answer for this: I'm depleting my carb reserves and am starting to burn muscle. Not exactly what one wants. He was nice and did not start using really big words that would have made my head hurt, but gave me just enough of an explanation to assure me I am not about to keel over and die.

So, I didn't worry about stopping for the juice. Extra calories, but extra fuel.

Now if he can tell me why my hands swell up when I walk, I might be happy.

I originally planned on shooting for another 6 miles today, but the SGK handbook had today listed as 4 miles, so I split the difference and did 5. My hips were hurting by then, but I wasn't wiped out, so I'll probably pull the Trikke out this afternoon and do a few miles on it as well, just for the hell of it.

Tomorrow is a rest day; any temptation I would have to Trikke will be nullified by the rain we're supposed to get, so I likely won't be doing anything too physical.

Shut up Murf.

I think for the week, today's walk puts me at a little over 17 miles for the week on foot and 13 or so on the Trikke; next week I'll probably have more miles on the Trikke since I didn't take it out on Monday or Wednesday, I don't think, and I'll use it for more cross training this coming week.

Saturday, May 15, 2010



I've driven past this park a few times but I never paid much attention to it. We have a park closer to our house and usually go there to Trikke, but it's a little too close and walking around it for any length of time would be mind numbingly boring.

I didn't set out for this park; I just started walking, and after a short stop at Burger King (1.4 miles) to make use of their facilities, I headed down one of the busier streets in Dixon, and after deciding I didn't want to breathe in car exhaust for much longer, I just wound up at the park.

It's pretty much Walker Nirvana. The path around the part is just shy of a mile long, it's bordered by tons of shade trees, and there are 3 restrooms. If you don't want to walk the mile lap, there are paths that cut across, and if you need to collapse and throw up, there's tons of grassy area.

I was at 2.2 miles when I got there and went around three times, just shy of five miles. And thinking I would walk home the shorter way and hit right around 5.5 miles, I headed back...and realized geography and distances are not my strong suit. I was at 6.25 miles when I finally got home...not too shabby.

My hips didn't start whining until around mile 4, and they were crying at mile 5, and the feet joined in at 5.5, but I never felt like I wasn't going to make it. We'll see how cooperative they are tomorrow when I try to do it all again.

Oh, and tomorrow I am totally going to listen to that voice in the back of my head that says to visit the little girls' room before leaving the park, because I was in serious want of a place to stop at 5.5, with no where to go. Literally.

I'm not thrilled with my pace--a 22 minute mile pace--but since I went over 6 miles, I'll take it. It was a fairly consistent pace the entire way.

And I didn't pee myself. That's always a plus.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I think I can, I think I can...


A slightly slower pace this morning...I'm not sure if I was tired or because I was a little more sore this morning when I got up than I was yesterday (kind of expected that) but I'm not unhappy with my pace.

I did a tad over 3 miles in 1:16, and the hip pain held off until I was over the 2.5 mile mark. By then my feet were also sliding a tiny bit in my shoes, which makes me wonder about my socks...I may look for a different brand, something a little bit thicker that will grip the inside of my shoe better, yet still wick away the sweat.

I'm not a morning person, but because I skipped my DDAVP last night I was up every hour and a half peeing, and when I had to get up at 7:15 I stayed up, ate an early breakfast, and then headed out. There are people out there! In the morning! Who'da thunk?

My hips and feet were having a serious discussion with me when I got home...I told them to shut up a few times and when they wouldn't, I decided to teach them a lesson and got on the Trikke for a little bit...4.6 miles in about 48 minutes.

My pace with that is definitely improving from when I first started riding the Trikke a little over a month ago. If I hadn't walked this morning I could have gone quite a bit longer on the Trikke, but at mile 4.05 I was hit with a wave of nausea and took that as a signal to head home.

I'm delicate, you know.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

OK, my feet hurt...


...a little anyway.

Click to biggify

I started out at a little after 9 this morning, spiffy new shoes on my feet, and did three miles in an hour. Not the best pace in the world, but I'll take it considering it's my first real walk in who knows how long.

the expected hip pain didn't surface until mile 2, but it was different than usual; typically I get about a mile into walking and it feels like my hip joints are grinding together, but this time the pain was more to the surface and probably in the bursa. It wasn't intolerable, in any case.

Lincoln StThe nice thing about living in a small town is that even the major streets are walkable. This street has a regular flow of traffic, but it's got a sidewalk the entire way...I even Trikke down it quite a bit.

And from there I can get to this:

Entry to the bike pathA fairly decent bike path. Trikke worthy, too. After I finished the 3 miles in foot I went home for the Trikke and did 5.5 on it...and I'm feeling it tonight.

I'm not sure what's on tap for tomorrow; I don't think I'll walk but if I get a chance I'll Trikke. That's better for cardio-conditioning, and spares my hips a bit.

But Thursday...another 3 miles. And with luck, 6 on Saturday and Sunday. Let's hope I can manage that.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The First Step


The first step before walking: shoes. Granted, I have shoes, I have three pairs of shoes, but none are “walking” shoes and across the board the advice I got from friends who run and walk was to get good walking shoes. And not just good walking, shoes, but go somewhere to get fitted for them by someone who knows how to pick the right shoes for my feet.

I am nothing if not obedient. :::glares at the Spouse Thingy::: There's a small Fleet Feet nearby, and they do fittings, so this afternoon we went out for a late lunch and then headed for Fleet Feet.

I have to admit, I was impressed. It's a very small store, but right off the bat their goal seemed to be to get the right shoes onto my feet. There was no hard upsell; hell, there was no price discussion at all. Once they knew what I needed, how many miles I was already (not) walking, and my ultimate goal, I was told to get my feet naked, roll my pants legs up a bit, and walk.

After I walked, my feet were measured. And here is where I found out something interesting, perhaps only to me: I have high, tight arches. The guy doing the fitting explained how this affects my gait, and ya know what?

It can cause hip pain.

Ya know what I get after a mile or so?

Hip pain.

So after being observed and measured, and after having orthotic inserts suggested, he brought out a couple of shoes for me to try. Usually, trying on shoes is a nightmare; I have huge feet, and unless they give me that ahhhh feeling when I try them on, I can be pretty sure they're going to hurt my feet and back in short order. This time, having someone who knows what he's doing pick them out, was relatively painless.

The second pair felt just right, but to be sure, he brought out a third pair. That only confirmed that the second pair was right...they fit like the proverbial glove, although it's going to take some getting used to as far as the orthotics are concerned.

And they're kinda spiffy. I was worried I'd get stuck with really, really ugly shoes.

Walking shoes

They're high mileage shoes, but he did say (as have several people) that I would need to get another pair a few weeks before the actual Walk, and give them some time to break in.

And yes, Murf, I got the right socks.


Tomorrow morning begins Day One of the actual training. I have my Garmin Forerunner to track distance, pace, speed, and heart rate, and from that I'll get spiffy maps of where I walk.

I'm getting up in the morning to walk, peoples. MORNING. That's gotta show you how serious I am...

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